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 Waste-Into-Fuel Converter


          WIF Converter - A proprietary technique for drying, sanitizing and pelleting of waste into fuel pellets, e.g. sewage sludge and waste Products from agriculture, forestty and industry.

  • Technology descriptions
  • Milling, Microwave drying, pelleting and packaging of energy-containing waste.
  • Solid feedstock is milled to a particle size of 3 to 5 millimetre and mixed with liquid matters before entering into the Microwave unit for drying. Energy-efficient Microwaves gently dry  the feedstock from an initially dry solid content of 25% to 80 %. Simultaneously, a sanitisation takes place, i.e. Pathogenic microbes and spores are cilled by the Microwave frequency in the process.





The different process steps are part of an overall concept.



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Spikes & Cogs has developed filters that reduce metals/                           ,          

heavy metals, emulsified concentration of oil/solvent/PAH/

and organic pollutants in various types of industrial effluens.