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                                                                          -Clean Water and Bioenergy-

with the

Miwag 3000 System


  • To improve the quality of water that goes out from various minicipal sewage works to local recipients by remowing recidual metals and heavy metals that are not collected in the sludge.


  • To implement cost-effective precipitation of sewage sludge using a natural mineral and thereby reducing use of Chemicals.


      To convert sewage sludge into biofuel for use in district heating plants and thereby recovering the entire energy value and

     minimising costs for disposal.


The different process steps are part of an overall concept.



Our Partners


Spikes & Cogs has developed filters that reduce metals/                           Water Treatment Construction AB,          

heavy metals, emulsified concentration of oil/solvent/PAH/

and organic pollutants in various types of industrial effluens.